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Published: 05th April 2011
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If you are looking for a monitor and graphic tablet combination, then Hanvon Sentip would serve your purpose in the best way. With an unusual combination of a graphic tablet along with a back-lit LED monitor, it has revolutionized the way artists work. With a wide screen of 1280x800 resolution, it provides ample space for the artists to work freely without any restriction.

With indigenous hand and eye coordination, you can obtain great control over the cursor as well as the precise pen point. The pressure sensitivity of 2048 levels can be procured through the battery free stylus along with the great smoothness and screen output. The stylus on the screen gives a new definition to every design and style an artist incorporates. With multi-screen compatibility, it makes for a one-of-its-kind feature along with having quick connectivity through an integrated adapter.

The LCD screen is a treat for people who have eye-related problems, as with its Patented Pressure Sensitive Technology, you can easily work for long number of hours without your eyes getting strained. The overall structure and design of this device is extremely ergonomic in nature, providing an intuitive grip and control to work efficiently. Also, an adjustable stand has been designed in order to relax and comfort the artist during the working hours. The light weight and size(17mm) of hanvon sentip makes it easy to carry on your lap as easily as you carry a book. It is extremely durable, comfortable and easy to handle.

The unique Patented Handwriting Recognition Technology makes you do all the pen work like painting, sketching or even small character inputting easily and effortlessly. The Eight programmable Expresskeys gives better access for keyboard shortcuts, modifier keys or even the pop menu. You can easily zoom, scroll or modify the brush size with the Touch Strips(two finger sensitive). With applications like PenSign, Penmail, White Board and Penmark, you can sign or handwrite any document making its look like as its done by hand. This in turn saves resources and aids in protecting the environment.

Thus, hanvon sentip is a brilliant and one-of-its-kind hardware device in the recent developments in graphic tablets along with having PC, Mac and Vista compatibility.

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